Staff and Board


Executive Director

Cindy Connelly

Cindy has been with the Charlotte Art League since 2004. She is the former Treasurer of the Board and is responsible for overseeing the transition of CAL to a more inclusive, community-involved organization. Under her direction, CAL has received numerous awards. Cindy is a photographer and has a display space in the gallery where you can view her work.

Assistant Director

Brooke Gibbons

Brooke has been with the Charlotte Art League since 2015. She is the former Vice President and Secretary of the Board. Brooke is a mixed-media and collage artist and regularly holds workshops and retreats at CAL. She also helps artists with art coaching and brand strategy development. Brooke is currently enrolled in the Node Center’s International Curatorial Program.

Creative Assistant

Michaela Yount

Michaela Yount has been with the Charlotte Art League since 2017. She is an artist, photographer, and graphic designer. Michaela assists CAL administration with marketing and design.

Building Cleaning Provider

Cherie Sutherland

Cherie has been with the Charlotte Art League since 2017. She is an asset to CAL with her caring, experienced cleaning services.




1st Vice President: Rene Potter, ARTIST

2nd Vice President: Lezette Markham, SIMPLY ART

Treasurer: Drew Blevins, DUKE ENERGY


At Large Board Members:

Past President: Susan Dunn, OFF THE CANVAS

Kinton Connelly, CISCO


Charlotte Glassman, DUKE ENERGY (Lifetime-Honorary)



Curator/Exhibits Chair – Brooke Gibbons

Exhibits Co-Chair – Michael Gibbons

Rental Agent – Susan Dunn

Volunteer Coordinator – Krystie Schlicker

Marketing Chair – Donna Scott

Membership Coordinator – Michaela Yount

Outside Mural Project Manager– Michaela Yount

Gallery Host Supervisor –Kimberly Moore

Offsite Exhibits Coordinator – Traka Lopez

Featured Artist Wall Coordinator – Traka Lopez

Manor Theater Exhibit Chair – Timmy Hord

Programs Chair – Brooke Gibbons

Education Chair – Rene Potter

Community Outreach Chair – Brooke Gibbons

Gallery Crawl Chair – Rene Potter

Events Coordinator – Susan Dunn

Maintenance Chair – Roanold Edwards

Contact board members at

Interested in joining the Executive Board of the Charlotte Art League? 

The Charlotte Art League is proud to be the Charlotte’s only 501(c)(3) nonprofit art gallery and organization. For over 50 years, the Charlotte Art League has provided art opportunities to emerging and local artists through exhibits, studio rentals, partnerships and programs. We are committed to growing our organization so that we may continue to execute our mission and vision.

Board members of the Charlotte Art League have a variety of backgrounds, and not all are artists. Board members are elected once a year and appointment is based on commitment to dedication, communication, and volunteerism, interest in community partnerships, and willingness to serve on an active, involved arts Board.

If you are interested in joining the Charlotte Art League Board of Directors, we encourage you to visit the Charlotte Art League, become a member, and get in touch with other board members. You do not have to be an artist to serve on the Board, but a resume’ and interview is required.