Creative Studio Sunday August Workshop: The Muse, The Archetype, The Storyteller

IMG_3549August CSS

Join us for August’s Creative Studio Sunday! Our theme is: “The Muse, The Archetype, the Storyteller: An Art Journaling Journey.”

Do you find yourself having trouble starting an art journaling page? Or perhaps you start a page but don’t know how to finish it? Or when to announce it’s finished and move on? This month’s Creative Studio Sunday workshop will feature some of my tried and true techniques on how to get started and finish an art journaling page that you can say you are happy with, proud to show off, and invokes your personhood and story.

Many of my pages  start with me being self-aware and knowing my archetype, then finding my muse among collected paper materials, then creating a story on the page. It may not make sense to others, but I can see the story in the process and finished product.

We will take an archetype quiz, find our muse(s), our words for our story, and create a world that speaks to who we are and what we hold true to ourselves.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring an art journal please! You can bring one you’ve already started or a fresh blank book.

COST AND WHAT’S INCLUDED: $12 includes glue, scissors, washi tape, pattern paper, vintage magazines, and other paper materials, paper and writing and art utensils. RSVP and prepayment is required so I can prep accordingly. *Please note RSVPs close the day before at 5pm!*

–Brooke Gibbons