Joining CAL

CAL Gallery June 2016



Thinking of joining our community of artists? Here’s a sample of what you get when you become a professional-level member of our 51-year old nonprofit organization:

+ Ability to rent a wall or studio space to display and sell your art

+ Ability to sell your smaller items in our gift section

+ Reduced entry fees for CAL exhibits and events; increase commission for you the artist when your work sells

+ Ability to create/host/teach your own programs or classes

+ Use of the workroom to create art or teach a class

+ Opportunity to exhibit and sell your work at Manor Theatre, Actor’s Theatre, DA’s Office, Spirit Square and more

+ Discount at Binder’s and Cheap Joe’s art supply stores

+ Opportunity to be a part of CAL committees, lead a committee and/or be on our Board i.e. Make a difference in the arts community!

+ Connect with other local and regional artists and be a part of other nearby programs in our beautiful South End neighborhood


As a member of Charlotte Art League, you are part of one of the oldest volunteer arts organizations in the area. CAL takes great pride in its membership which is diverse in gender, age, nationalities and artistic styles.

CAL is a center where professional and emerging artists can grow as artists through networking, educational classes, workshops and programs. The CAL Gallery features changing monthly shows for our members to their exhibit work.

CAL has studios and wall space for rent to provide members an affordable space to work, display and sell. Our partnership with the Manor Theatre gives our members an additional venue to exhibit and sell their work. Our members pay only a 25% commission to CAL for works sold at the gallery.

Artists are kept apprised of shows, events and opportunities throughout the region from CAL’s newsletter, website, in-house events board, and member “e-blasts.”

Part of CAL’s mission is to provide art experience and exposure to the community at large. This is accomplished through our participation in monthly gallery crawls; our open gallery; and our hosting “art events” throughout the year. Our Outreach Program provides classes for physically and intellectually challenged adults and disadvantaged youth. These classes are developed and taught by our members, who often find this to be a fulfilling and “life changing” experience.

CAL members are also encouraged to develop and teach their own classes and workshops, to earn fees paid by participants.

Become a member…

CAL has several membership levels. Choose the one most suitable for you and join us to enrich your art experience and that of the community.

If you’re an artist, we’re here to help you become a better artist. Whether you’re a beginner, an emerging talent, or have been showing professionally for years, CAL offers classes, programs, and facilities to help you take your artistic vision to the next level.

If you’re new to the world of art, we’ll help you explore and develop your understanding and appreciation of visual creativity. No pretentious “art speak” here – we believe that art offers something for everyone, regardless of experience or education level.

And if you’re a long-time arts patron, your generosity will have a far-reaching impact on the cultural fabric of our community. We believe that a strong and dynamic arts community makes Charlotte a better place to live. Your support helps make that vision a reality.

Since CAL is a volunteer-driven organization, all CAL membership levels have a requirement to volunteer at least 20 hours a year to help CAL. We realize, however, that everyone has something else going on with their lives and it might not always be possible to contribute your volunteer efforts to CAL. To make it easier for Professional-level members to maintain their standing at CAL, we’ve added a new membership level – “Professional (no volunteer commitment)” for $160 per year.

Our current membership levels and prices are listed below. Clicking on one of these links will take you to PayPal if you wish to pay for your membership that way:



General (with 20 hours/year volunteer commitment) – $60
Professional (with 20 hours/year volunteer commitment) – allows you to rent a wall and/or studio space – $85
Professional (no volunteer commitment) – allows you to rent a wall and/or studio space – $160

Student (18 and over) $30 – Please submit application in person with your student i.d. and student email

Junior (Under 18) $25 – Please submit application in person with a parent or guardian


Please submit your annual Membership Dues via paypal to or via mail:

4100 Raleigh St

Charlotte, NC 28206