Offsite Exhibit: Spirit Square

Next time you’re in Uptown check out the gorgeous pieces hanging in the galleries at Spirit Square! CAL artists representing this cycle include: Martha Rucker, Peter Tomlinson, Angie Carpenter, Kim Blackmon, Heather Burnell, Carl Childs, Dana Carter, Sabrina Frey, Rene Potter, Blakely Scott, Donna Wheatley, Janet Talmage, Larry Lippi and Vaughan Justice. Curated by our Spirit Square Chair Janet Talmage with curatorial assistance from Traka Lopez, Michaela Yount and Susan Dunn.

Did you know the Charlotte Art League has numerous offsite exhibits across the city?  If you’re looking for a professionally curated selection of artwork featuring local artists (chosen by you, or us, if you prefer!) to hang in your business or organization, the Charlotte Art League offers a curatorial subscription service. Contact us to learn more!