Dimensions_ An interactive art experience.png


October 1 - 27

Theme: Dimensions

Charlotte Art League (CAL)

4100 Raleigh St., Charlotte, NC 28213

 New for the month of October only! 

Dimensions is an interactive experience created to showcase the work of talented local artists. Use space to tell your story. Each artist will have use of a studio to install an interactive art piece/collection. The theme, materials, subject matter--all up to you as the artist! We want patrons to be able to not just view your art, but be immersed in it. Remember to display your social media handles so that patrons can tag you and your unique creations! 

ELIGIBILITY: All artists are invited to participate.  If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to sign your paperwork.  

Entries Accepted: First come first serve. Submit this signed form to Cindy at cindy@charlotteartleague.org by 9/13. Payment due on 9/13 to secure your spot. Installation begins 9/13, and must be completed by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 4th. 


8x8 Studio: Member: $75 / non-Member: $100 (SOLD OUT!)

8x16 Studio: Member: $100 / non-Member: $125

Artists’ studios will be assigned as available by staff.

Removal of work:   

All artwork/installation pieces must be removed by 10/28. Note:  CAL does not have available storage. Anything left after 10/28 we are not responsible for damage. 


Opening Reception:       Friday, October 4th 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Last Day of Show:        Sunday, October 27

Break down exhibit:       Friday 25th - Monday 28th

(Monday, arrange time with staff. Gallery is open on Saturday & Sunday) 


You will be responsible for printing out any labels you might need. No permanent damage to the walls is acceptable. The walls/studio must be returned to original condition upon leaving the space. 


Sales will go through the CAL office. CAL will take 10% commission from any sale. Artwork sold does not have to stay in place until the end of the show. You have an option to replace. If you have pieces for sale as part of your installation, let us know. If something does sell the host can ask the patron to pick up after show completes.